“Rejection feels so INCREDIBLE!” said absolutely no one ever. 

It’s official - rejection sucks. Big time. 

You put your heart and soul into getting noticed but in the end your hard work isn’t noticed and nothing happens. Whether in your personal life, freelance work or career, no one well ever tell you that rejection feels good. 

Somethings just don't work out how you want them too. Perhaps it’s you or just maybe the wrong opportunity. Sometimes the answer is just no and there’s really nothing you can do to change that. 

Emotions take over, you may start to feel unworthy or frustrated. Those negative thoughts that start to swirl around in your head make you believe that you don’t deserve what you worked so hard for. 

Although rejection can leave us feeling hopeless, knowing that there is a positive side to it can give us hope. If we can agree that rejection sucks and is a part of life, we should also agree that there are ways to make rejection benefit us.

Hey, it could be worse - you could have been on that stage receiving your Best picture Oscar only for it to be snatched away. Worst rejection ever?


1. Rejection promotes motivation

You’re not the “right fit” for many companies. Hearing those words can leave you wanting to knock all of the papers straight off the table. But truth be told we just say “thank you for your time" and move on just like mature adults are supposed to. But being rejected hurts, but it doesn’t stop you from trying. Rejection forces us to become a better version of ourselves each and every time.


2. Rejection provides perspective

Is it that you’re being rejected or protected? Maybe that role really wasn’t the right fit for you. Maybe you really dodged a bullet. On the one hand, you weren’t accepted, but on the other hand, the situation can possibly be a blessing in disguise. It’s all in how you choose to view it.


3. Rejection teaches patience

While the no’s pile up, so are the bills and daily responsibilities in life. You have to keep it moving but also be still. Wait, what? Yes. Keep pushing forward with the knowledge that what you truly desire is waiting for you at the right time. Many of the greats were not overnight success stories. Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, Oprah – all notable and successful celebrities who experienced many rejections. So keep working hard. Your time will come. Stop working yourself into a worry wart. Good things come to those who wait.


4. Rejection leads to growth

Imagine putting your all into an application process. You were thorough and detailed. You studied the history of the company. You were energetic and succinct in the interview. Ideally, you were the perfect candidate but you still weren’t chosen. That sucks. BUT, you learned. You learned how to be a better researcher and interviewer. These are skills that you can use moving forward.


5. Rejection opens the door for another chance

One door closing does not mean doors will never open again. As the saying goes, “One door closes, another door opens.” There is always another opportunity just waiting for you. You can’t let the rejections from life weigh you down. You have to keep trying, keep believing and keep growing. Rejection ultimately gives us the strength to continue on the journey of life. It reminds us that there is still more work to do. Rejection is a positive thing and once we learn to wholeheartedly embrace it, we will find that there are no limits to what we can accomplish.


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