All communications from Agenda Recruitment Limited (the Company) are carefully formatted to comply with legislation protecting the privacy rights of those concerned.

Information contained on this website is for general access but may not be reproduced in writing or through any other medium of communication, in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the Company.

E-mail communications from the Company are for the information of the named recipient or recipients only. Should you receive an e-mail which was incorrectly addressed and/or was not intended for you, please delete it and advise the Company that you received it.

Candidate information in transmissions from the Company may include personal data as defined in relevant data protection legislation. The Company will never disclose such information except with the consent of the relevant candidate or candidates (should that be required) and it will disclose this information only in the course of its business relationship with the recipient. Such information must not be used or reproduced by the individual recipient other than in connection with the recruitment of the candidate(s) referred to there in.

On receiving such information recipients undertake to maintain complete control over the information supplied. They further undertake to indemnify the Company against any losses, expenses and liabilities it may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of the loss, unauthorised use or publication of any part of those transmissions or any other such material, or by the recipient making contact with a candidate or any third party referred to in those transmissions without the Company's prior agreement.

Where information sent by the Company include or alludes to a third party's opinion (as opposed to factual information) such opinion is that of the third party, and the Company makes no guarantee or endorsement as to its accuracy or reasonableness.

Whilst all transmissions have been compiled in good faith, the Company does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in the transmission or for any loss or damage arising out of any reliance on the transmission.


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